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Winter and Outreach

With a new season coming upon us, it is easy to forget about migration in this time.  In the winter seasons, the birds migrate south for more resources that are abundant.  However, the winter season could be a great opportunity for LOI to promote its program.  Although volunteer work is not needed to find dead birds through out the community, they are needed in helping promote LOI.  During this time it would be necessary to go to building managers and talk to them about LOI. A good statistic to show the building owner would be the amount of energy saved throughout migration periods as compared to non-migrating times.  Although energy does not concern many building managers, the money which would be saved would greatly affect their decision. A quantitative study would be useful from November to March to show the costs of Lighting as compared to migrating times, where the building turns off their lights from midnight till dawn, thus indicating the amount of money saved by joining the program.  Most research for LOI involves the migrating months, however, these winter months could be used to advance LOI. LOI can be promoted throughout the whole year rather than just advertised largely during the migrating months. This would help greatly increase the amount of supporters for LOI. Migration only happens approximately 5 months out of the year, but using the other 7 months setting up volunteer opportunities would be greatly appreciated by the community.




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