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Thanksgiving Revelations

I got to go to my Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. She LOVES birds, and her house is always decorated with tons of bird sculptures and trinkets. Her Christmas tree always has bird ornaments. So as I sat at the table after eating a turkey for dinner and spoke to my aunt about the practicum, I could see Grandma listening with interest from the couch. I was eager to hear what she had to say, but didn’t think I would get anything out of her other than a joke about birdbrains. Then, when I was talking about LOI and how the lights of buildings attract birds to cities, Grandma spoke.
“Who decided that?”
“Who decided what, Grandma?”
“Who decided that birds are attracted to lights? Did they ask a bird?”
“Some researchers did. They found that building lights disorient the birds and that causes them to get off track when they’re migrating.”
It seems as though even a bird lover was not believing it. I did my job to trying to convince her it was real, but I’m still not sure how much she believed me. My aunt brought up the bird brain joke, saying birds are dumb and there isn’t really anything we can do about that. I told them that’s why we need to help them, but she proceeded to go on and on about how one of her cats brought her home a frozen bird and the subject of LOI was done.

If we’re going to get people to participate, we have to make them believe. In the next few weeks, the Outreach group will be doing some things to increase awareness of the our window strike theory. One of these things is making a short film that let’s you see a window strike from a bird’s perspective. I am looking forward to filming this soon.


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