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I recently arrived back on campus after a very relaxing break and preparing for the final three weeks of the semester.  As the end of our project approaches, I have tried to finish up any new brainstorming or ideas for LOI and start the shift into producing the finished product.  As you know, I am working with the outreach group and after exploring different methods of outreach; I believe that I have found a very effective tool for LOI.


For a long time I have heard about LinkedIn however, I never really used it or fully understood it’s capabilities.  LinkedIn is a professional business network that allows for users to connect with colleagues (past and present), to ask questions and explore opportunities with other businesses, experts and colleagues.  For example, LOI could ask questions to other conservation groups and even other groups that have the same purpose.  Beyond asking questions, it is possible for LOI to recruit businesses that would support them.  They could use LinkedIn as a method to contact businesses and buildings in the Indianapolis area and educate them about LOI.  I just created an account (its very quick and simple) to explore some of these options and to generally get a better feel for the website.  There are two different options for profiles, one free and one about 25 dollars a month.  There are many more options with the paid profile and is something that should be considered by LOI.


Overall, I am very excited to be nearing the end of the project. I think that we have and will produce a very good end product that will hopefully bring LOI closer to success.





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