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The BIG Picture

Being in this class has given me a much better idea of how important it is to keep the big picture in mind when working on a project of this nature. It’s easy to get bogged down wanting to see immediate results for one’s hard work, but not all projects work like that—especially in the field of conservation. As a student, I feel that I have been conditioned, to an extent, to think short-term. When is my next test? What grade did I receive on my paper? This classroom experience has really changed that perception. It is safe to say our focus has somewhat shifted from where it originally was, but I do not view this as a negative. Seldom do things of this nature go one hundred percent according to plan. More important than the actual modifications to the plan is how the team responds to these changes. If we can maintain a high level of enthusiasm as a class for the remainder of this project, I am sure that we still have a very in-depth, helpful report for Don Gorney and Lights Out Indy. Years from now, it really will be great to see how far the program has come and to know that we helped it along the way.



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