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Weather Effect?


Hey all, to my knowledge birds migrate towards a warmer climate that produces resources necessary for their survival.  However, I have noticed the past couple days that it has been warm for being November. It is crazy how the weather continues to be nice, when we are used to snow at this time of year. I was wondering if there was any way for a bird to stay in the same location for the full year, that is normally a migratory bird. Do you think birds would create an evolutionary adaptation to stay in the local habitat?  This would save the bird a lot of energy if the weather was nice year round, supporting the necessary resources.  Also in this sense, do you think that global warming will have an effect on migration in the future?

My group has recently been switched from the public outreach group to just the outreach group. Instead of focusing on just the general publics knowledge of Lights Out Indy, we figured the building managers and architects should have knowledge about the program too.  This will allow the people in charge of the buildings to have better understanding of Lights Out Indy. The buildings will receive pamphlets detailing Lights Out Indy and how it pertains to the building, what the affects are and the benefits.  The architects will receive a different pamphlet educating them on how building style affects Lights Out Indy. The general public will receive information about LOI and how to get involved. The reason for the switch is to educate everybody because LOI is still in early development.  This will get the word out quickly to educate people about Lights Out Indy.






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