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Social Media

As I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog, I have been working with the outreach group for Lights out Indy.  We recently switched our focus from just being the public group to outreach.  This switch means that we will work more with other groups to develop methods to gather more support on a larger level.  With this switch we will work more closely with some other groups.  As the outreach now, I have tried to look into other methods and other sources for ways to reach more people and various groups of people.


The National Biological Information Infrastructure is a great resource for us to use to both gather information and find methods for displaying information.  They have several different ways to portray information.  There are links to several different live or current news sources all centered around bird conservation.  However, as good as this information is, I don’t think it does a good job getting the information to the public.  I believe that there are two major ways to get information to people that is being underutilized.  Citizen Science is a great way to get people involved in a cause like bird conservation but social media is a great method to spread information.  I think that using social media, such as twitter and facebook, more people could learn about what LOI is and what they are doing.  I believe that LOI could greatly benefit from using social media to relay their information to the public.  These upcoming weeks, I will be researching effective social media use and ways for LOI to utilize them.  Hopefully, we will be able to effectively gather information but succeed where other organizations have failed and reach the public.



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