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Cookie Cutter Mentality

We all know we have it… the cookie cutter mentality. We design based off of a continuous pattern that works, it doesn’t have to be the best approach, but it suites the needs of what we are trying to accomplish. After speaking with Stewart Whitcomb, a private consultant, my group and I realized that it will be a difficult effort to promote different design strategies for both existing and new building development projects. When building, you must look at the regulations of what the city requires for building codes etc.  Most of the time, builders will just follow the necessary codes and not worry about the energy efficiency but rather cost expendeture. This causes the cookie cutter mentality to spike. But how can we change this? How can we show that change is both necessary and a positive contribution to the city as a whole. How can we work with both architects and building owners to start looking at the different approaches out there that will not only increase energy saving but will benefit the living community around it. Do you all want to live around cookie cutter societys that only worry about the minimul regulations?  And how does this play into Lights Out Indy. By promoting the benefits to looking outside the box, Lights Out Indy will be able to further impliment and challenege both architects and building owners to see what else is out there but at the same time, helping the avian community from bird strike increases. Building design is an important tool to understand and will benefit Lights Out Indy and its initiative!

For your own pleasure: Check out these awesome tree houses as well as green building designs:

– Ashlee


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