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As migration ends, a few questions have come to mind: why do cities only try to enforce light reduction during migration seasons? Most cities promote the reduction of night lighting during the migration seasons because the birds are attracted to lighting of the buildings which can lead to the death of birds. I know the concept is to help the birds but what about the other 6-8 months. If we could implement a policy that would reduce lighting throughout the whole year I think that would benefit everyone. Also, do native birds stop flying around the city after migration? They do not stop flying around and I think a beneficial study would be to collect dead birds throughout the whole year. With reduction of lighting to larger buildings during the winter and summer months buildings will save copious amounts of money in electricity bills.  I think this will help the environment because this wastes a lot of energy.  We have similar events but only on days such as earth hour, why do we not try harder by conserving unnecessary energy?  Sorry this blog is more complaining than knowledgable, however I think it comes at the right time because migration season supposedly ends November 2.  Most larger cities that have adopted a lights out program end at the beginning of November. Is this a deadline for migration? This concept could be tied into the building group because buildings could focus on better lighting concepts for the whole year.  Birds will continue to fly around the city during the month of November so it will be interesting to see how the lighting affects their flights.  Also I still have not found a bird pin resco dormitory at this point.



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