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The fact that so many bird fatalities are happening everyday due to window strikes is enough of a reason for some people to want to make a difference. For others though, this is hardly the case. They won’t miss a bird here or there, because they don’t believe it has any impact on them and their lives. What many people don’t realize is that each species, no matter how minor their niche may seem in the diverse world we live in, all have an important role to play. Having a rich biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity and makes it run much more efficiently. Every day we are causing decreases in our biodiversity due to our infringement in parts of nature such as habitat destruction. There are many different ways to look at the one issue of migratory bird deaths and the reasons to try to prevent them. As I named before biodiversity is important for a healthy balance among the environment, and we can save energy by minimizing nighttime light use. We need to show people the impact they have and all the benefits they can gain from slight changes, and I’m sure they will do the right thing and join in the cause.



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