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The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is a non-for-profit organization that, as the name sounds, centers on maintaining and helping conservation efforts for birds. Their main purpose is maintaining habitat and the environments that allow for birds too not only survive but to thrive. They work mostly through contacting and direct action engaging people in groups in various areas that are affected bird habitats. As a non-for-profit agency, they accept donations. For their marketing and public relations goes, they produce magazines and hold forums. But if you are like me, you have never heard of this organization before.

While working for the public group, the lack of knowledge by the public has been the biggest hindrance to making progress. This has lead me to question, why is the public so unaware of conservation efforts like this. I mean sure, things like recycling has become so engrained in our society but why haven’t others? Beyond that, what have the successful, well-known efforts done that others haven’t?

I think the issue, at least for birds, is that people see their lives as superfluous, like they don’t really matter. I feel that people don’t really see the effects that birds have on the environment or their lives. It would just be very eerie to live in a world without birds. Although this isn’t going to be the case anytime soon, people don’t seem to think about birds and their well being. Many people, even after hearing about the effects that buildings have on bird deaths, don’t seem to care. I have tried to discuss LOI with my roommates, but mostly I get laughs. The just don’t seem to care about LOI. I think the way to convince people is to explain that all we are asking is to turn the lights off or down. Once I fully explained what we were asking, my roommates thought that it all made sense and questioned, as I had originally, why people wouldn’t turn off their lights. As far as the public group goes, I believe that we need more conversations like these to truly effect change. Now, how do we do that….



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