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The Big Picture

Extreme environmentalists are worried about the apocalypse. The end of the world. Human kind destroying themselves. I just watched “Planet of the Apes” in my Apes on Film class that I am also blogging for. Its message was that humans destroyed their planet and themselves through not recognizing how destructive they are. I don’t see our actions being the end of the world now, but I do see how these actions could leave long-term effects.

We often talk about sustainability, but I think a big problem with the general public is that they don’t understand what this means.  It’s imperative to educate them on fundamental ecological processes, thinking about the future, resources, and even recognizing that money is something that must be saved as well. We can’t go around using everything up.

I believe helping Lights Out Indy is my first step to helping reverse my effect. I’m never going to be able to repay the earth for what I have used from it, just like I won’t be able to repay my parents for my college tuition, but I can show the earth (and my parents!) how much I appreciate the help by giving back. While I have never considered myself a huge conservationist, my friends and family see me as one because I am out collecting birds, spreading the word about LOI for this class, and being in an Ecology class AND a class about primates at the same time. My interest in human medicine has shifted to a broader interest in biology and life in general. I finally understand the (and I never use this term because I hate it!) BIGGER PICTURE, and I am so glad I do because being my senior year, I don’t have much time left before I’m sent out into the real world.  This class is helping me to get a grasp on everything I need to know about working with others, getting my ideas across, and being a successful scientist. I used to think that the only things that mattered were humans, but its bigger than us. We depend on our environment for our resources, and that right there is enough to get me wanting to save energy, money, and as a consequence of this, bird lives. If we can get the public to understand this, then our endeavor will be more successful.


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