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A New Outlook

It all really started with the class field trip to Eagle Creek. After our tutorial on bird watching, I realized that I had a narrow view of the world. How often, really, do any of us look up when surveying our surroundings? I may be the only one, but my scan usually stops at the horizon line. Studying biology has definitely forced me to look at the world differently—observing the countless interactions that exist among individuals and groups has really changed my view of the world. This started with my botany course. I paid more attention to trees and other plants than I ever had before; yet, I still did not pay much mind to the birds that live in the trees.
I also didn’t appreciate how HUGE a business bird watching is. The gentlemen at Eagle Creek had stories of patrons coming from all over the world to see ONE bird. While this may seem crazy to some, I think it speaks to the passion with which people dedicate themselves to their hobbies. Some just have hobbies that seem “strange” to some people.
So, as I continue on in my senior year, I am trying to take time to survey the skies. While I may never be a full-fledged “birder”, I can appreciate and learn from the dedication of others.



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