blogging from the student's perspective

The excitement is building and we are about ready to be unleashed onto the city. Each of the three groups is organizing different strategies and ready for this initiative to take it to the streets. A main focus of our group, (building group) is to get some incentives that building owners and managers would want to strive for. An idea we have been considering is a possible ranking system that would display how energy efficient and bird safe each building was. This is very similar to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification but theirs however does not take into account bird safety. We want to widen the common idea of what a “Green building” is to one that includes bird safety in the criteria. These buildings could also be part of the beginning of something great. They could be pioneers and recognized for their contributions to the environment. Any new ideas or examples of possible incentives that you think could boost involvement would be greatly appreciated too since this is still somewhat of a rough draft idea. All in all I think this week we are going to start contacting businesses and get this ball rolling.



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