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Migration Coming to an end

Let me first start by saying welcome back and hopefully break was great for everyone.  I spent my fall break in the Smoky Mountains for alternative break.  We learned about the culture of the Cherokee Indians and how they still aim to maintain their traditions. One of our service projects, which related to the environment,  brought about an interesting topic involving the removal of invasive plant species.  Invasive species grow uncontrollably in areas and if they are not removed they can take over a territory.  The service project made us take out the invasive species so they could plant native species in those areas, in an attempt to restore the reservation.

Invasive plants are a tremendous problem in our environment because once they start to grow they can use the resources to survive.  The project allowed me to see this first hand.  The two main invasive plants we dealt with were privet plants and rose vines.  At the beginning of the project, the plants covered most of the area we were supposed to remove.  At the end of the project, the difference was incredible.  The removal of the plants allowed for more scenery to be seen and other plants more visible. After the removal, native plants are supposed to be planted.  If native plants flourish this will be valued by everyone and the ecosystem of the trail.  More forest departments and parks departments need to focus on the removal of invasive plants because it truly does make a difference.

I did not notice many migrating birds in Tennessee and the mountain ranges.

I did not find any birds on the outside of Resco.  The weather is started to turn so I predict a higher count of birds running into windows.





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