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The Buried Life

So I started watching The Buried Life this semester; A story about 4 guys trying to do 100 things while helping someone along the way. They do anything from trying to break into the playboy mansion to helping a girl make a memorial for her friend who died in an accident. These guys do some crazy things but they always are there to help others in the end. Then this weekend I also watched the movie “The Social Network”; Mark Zuckerburg’s claim to fame creating the infamous Facebook that we all hate/love. It was about how one guy created a social network and it turned into a fiasco of lawsuits and divided friends.  It is interesting to compare these two different situations, both about people of our age trying to change the world from two different perspectives. However, I believe that it is a good representation of what our generation is trying to do in the world; do something out of the ordinary that’s “cool” to create change or make a statement. Mark Zuckerburg wanted to create something cool so people could meet up with friends and also regain his dignity while the buried life challenges people to think outside the box and do what you want to do in life. There can be good and bad consequences to what we do and we have to live up to our actions. However, can we make a difference and still profit from it? Can we change the way people think by creating something that will not only help the community but also give something back in return?  I think our generation is on to something providing these examples. We are definitely changing the way society thinks and acts and that is a powerful tool. We have the innovative ideas and we can help to create better ways of educating the community. Lights out Indy is just a prime example of an organization that needs to use these techniques to succeed in its goals and initiatives. It will be interesting to see our end product and I hope you are anxiously awaiting!


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  1. I’ve also seen both of these. I never thought to compare them, but now that you have me thinking about it these guys really are quite similar. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to make the world more “open” so people could share their ideas easier. The Buried Life guys want to make their time on earth worthwhile. I think our class can take a lesson from both. If we can figure out a way to get the idea of LOI to a broad audience, we can make changes in Indy that will last longer than the time we’re here at Butler.

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