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Sorry about the title for this blog because I never really had a skill for naming papers. Also I am not sure if I was supposed to blog on last Thursday or next. I believe that I am next, but just to be on the safe side of things I will type this now.

Now i was put on the design team. I have a few idea that we could try to get people to understand that birds are dying because of the lights on in buildings after dark. My first idea would be to create a video game of some sort, that gives you the ability to see the world from the eyes of a bird. This could also work with glasses.  It would really get people to understand the problem that birds have with windows.

I also thought that maybe there could be a poster showing a picture of a window reflecting an outside view. Then the  quotes on the bottom of the poster would ask if this view is a reflection from a window or an actual park. Then we say something about how hard it is for a bird to determine this.  

Well those are a few of my ideas for the time period. Till next time


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