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A birds life

Since we are looking at birds colliding into Indianapolis windows, we need to find the root of the problem, which is the reflection of lights coming off the window.  However, birds obtain a much different vision than us.  Unlike mammals, birds rely on vision as there critical sense.  Birds have even been called 2 eyes with wings, because vision is a critical component to their survival.  Birds contain 4 colour receptors available, whereas humans contain 3 receptors.  The difference in the last receptor pertains to the ability to see ultraviolet signals.  This is a major resource to buildings and architectural designs.  With this knowledge, buildings could begin to implement ultraviolet shields on the windows, giving the birds  a clear signal that there is a window in sight.  Also, with this information, I hope to spread the word throughout the community to explain an accessible resource that could save thousands of birds lives.



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