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More Progress

Over the past few weeks we have taken the time to learn more about bird behavior, examine similar initiatives from different cities, and clearly defined terms that we will be using throughout the semester.  We also had a professor from the business college come talk to us about marketing strategies and things to think about from the business eye.  This will prove to be very helpful when we get into the project because nearly the whole class is comprised of biology majors (we have a few STS Majors).  Following this we organized the class into three groups: (1) Public (2) Businesses and (3) Design.  We have three people in each group and each are responsible for certain things.  The public group is responsible for PR and establishing the smartphone app to help with citizen science so everyone can report a dead bird due to a window crashing.  The business group is responsible for reaching out to businesses and sharing our initiative.  The design group is responsible for marketing strategies and creating images and documents for our initiative.

I am in the design group and am excited to get rolling with it.  There are two other people in it and we are going work great together.  We each have our own strengths that will complement each other greatly.  For next week we are getting together to work on an introduction and establish our goals for our group for the semester.  I am excited to see what we can accomplish this semester both as a group and as a class.  I am excited to blog in two weeks to share all that we have started and our goals for the semester.

– Chris


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