blogging from the student's perspective

Last week our class took a field trip to Eagle Creek State Park. We went in their new Ornithology Center, (which is really nice and has a great view of Eagle Creek!), and  learned what characteristics to look at when identifying birds. Afterwards, we went outside to practice looking at birds through binoculars. We saw a ton of Double-Crested Cormorants, flapping away on trees above Eagle Creek. It was nice to be outside enjoying nature without having to worry about walking into a car or another person on a sidewalk. I knew that birdwatching was a common hobby, one that I never really looked into, but after the field trip I realized it would be a great hobby to have. It’s very cheap because all you need are binoculars and maybe a bird book to help identify unless you want to use the internet.

Yes, there are 400 species of birds in Indiana and they aren’t going to all die out because of window strikes. But these aren’t the only birds that are flying through Indianapolis. Migratory birds and rare birds have been spotted near the Ornithology Center, and if these birds are attracting birdwatchers from long distances, then these birds are obviously important. They risk death from window strikes because they are not familiar with the area and are following guidance from the stars at night and are distracted by building lights that lead them to areas of lots of windows.

I’m looking forward to learning about how to market our ideas this week.


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