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Lately, the only time people think about birds is when they are about to go on twitter and hear that same high pitched chirp as you sign on. Its quite the impressive logo for twitter since we are always posting our ideas, our daily thoughts and activites, as well as articles which we find appealing to our audience. Although I am not a twitter enthusiast, I do agree that social media is becoming one of the best ways to communicate ideas to other members of your cyber community.  But is social media the only way that we can interact with this blue little bird?  If you step outside your front door, you can’t help but look around the trees and notice that there are birds everywhere, dwelling within the limbs of the trees or soaring through the sky. Birds are great indicators of our natural environment and we should start to look at them in a different light. After our trip to Eagle Creek State Park this past week, we learned a little bit more about the bird strikes as well as bird watching and how to classify them based on wings, beaks, eye rings, etc. We were also able to bird watch and learn binocular techniques.

Bird watching is one of the largest recreational activities to do and people travel all over the world just to mark a bird off their list. On of the workers at Eagle Creek told us that a bird from Antartica got stuck on their land and thousands from all over the world traveled just to see the bird. It is amazing to see that these species have developed into a recreational activity for people of all ages. If you look closely and patiently, you really do see a different side to these creatures of the air. They different characteristics that each one possess and how only subtle details can tell different birds apart is phenomenal. It is expected that birds will decline dramactically before 2020.

Take a look outside your door tomorrow and look for signs or sounds of these aviators. What will we do when we don’t have them anymore.. why not look for answers that won’t lead to this conclusion! This semester I hope to be able to support a good cause and promote it to the outside community so that we all become more knowledgeable of the natural world around us!


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