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It’s for the birds

This past week for class, we took a trip to Eagle Creek Park. While there we learned more about bird strikes and why they were important and had an impact. I had questioned this very thing for a while but wasn’t really sure how to ask it. With all the birds there are in the world and the US, why does it really matter? I knew that window strike deaths were less than 1% of the total bird population in the US. It doesn’t seem like that would impact the population that dramatically (although, I do believe loss of life is something to be avoided where possible). After thinking about it further and talking with the environmentalists at Eagle Creek, I realized why it is important to try to stop of limit window strikes. The birds that are striking the windows come from a select or much smaller population. So while the total number of birds is going to be fine, these specific populations will begin to dwindle over time.

After finally solidifying the importance of Lights Out Indy’s work, I am really excited to really start to help them. Soon, the class will be meeting with a professor in the Business school to start us off and give us, many of whom have never had a business class, advice on working with businesses. I am really getting excited about really getting going. I feel like once I start everything will become a lot more real to me.

We as a class have also been working on various case studies. Mine has been about a bridge in South Carolina, specifically how the US Fish and Wildlife worked hand in hand with the Department of Transportation. I will hopefully be in contact with our local US Fish and Wildlife soon to see if they can help Lights Out Indy gain some traction with local businesses.


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