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As I conducted research on Toronto’s Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP), I began to realize what Lights Out Indy can achieve. FLAP has a very in depth website, numerous corporate partners, and overall has accomplished a great deal in Toronto. The group was founded in 1993, and has since joined forces with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF; the group that made the World Wrestling Federation change to World Wrestling Entertainment). The partnership released a publication entitled Collision Course: The Hazards of Lighted Structures and Windows to Migrating Birds. It’s been very encouraging to find out more about FLAP and hoping that Lights Out Indy can gain some valuable insight as they attempt to raise awareness of and participation in their own program.
I have yet to find any dead birds on my route (Pharmacy building and Holcomb), but I’m sure there have been several I have missed (not that I am itching to find one). I still receive occasional text messages from friends who have seen dead birds around campus (Yes, I asked my friends to let me know if they saw any. Strange request, but a good way to raise awareness and have more sets of eyes peeled for window strike victims). After reading Hal’s blog entry, I reflected on the difficult task ahead of any group that has the gall to ask building managers to turn off lights at night. Anyone who has watched any nighttime sporting event or looked for cool desktop backgrounds online knows how impressive spectacle an illuminated skyline can look. I’m sure this has been, and will continue to be, a major hurdle for Lights Out Indy. They may have already tried it, but they could consider asking managers to turn off lights once or twice a week at first. The immediate impact would likely be minimal, but it would be a step in the right direction.
That’s all for now. In the meantime, I’ll maintain constant vigilance in my search of window strike victims, and I may look into this whole “birding” racket. Sounds like it could be cool. 🙂



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