blogging from the student's perspective

First off I have found no dead or injured birds around Resco dormatory windows, which I find somewhat surprising because I thought Resco had many windows.  However, I do find people staring at me with weird faces because I am rooting around in trees nearby and people can see me through the windows. 

In class, we are comparing different cities plans that pertain to lights out indy.  The city and project which I am researching is Lights out New York.  Lights out New York has 35 participating buildings and even the chrysler building is participating in hopes of saving birds from dying and cutting electrical cost.  However, I have been finding that New York has more funding for this project and the participants receive recognition by the program. And Lights out New York has been established since 2005.   Since our class will be working with Lights out Indy, I have gained new ideas to propose to gain more support throughout the community.  Media will be a big factor in how successful this project ends up. 

Our class is taking a field trip to Eagle Creek Park, where we will be toured around and explained the difference between Urban areas and Park areas for birds and migration.  This should be a good field trip, but this will be only the second park I have been to since returning from Gamboa, Panama this past summer. So I am sure I will see a lot of differences from the rain forest and Eagle Creek.

Lastly, did anyone watch the Colts game?  When showing the skyline of the city, many of the buildings had their lights on and they showed the lit up state house. (WHAT!)  Hopefully, we can eliminate or reduce some of those lights, although they look good on the TV.



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