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Establishing A Background

The semester is in full swing and we are currently working on specific case studies in order to learn a little more about the problems we shall be facing. Currently we have many different projects that we are looking at which are based all around the United States and even Toronto, Canada. Most of them are more established than our Lights Out Indy initiative so they have many ideas that we might not have considered yet. Since we only have one semester, we are trying to learn some specific tips that will make our efforts more efficient and effective.

Our class has already begun collecting data and the routes have been established which cover most of the campus. We are trying to find patterns in order to fully understand all of the different causes of these bird strikes in order to ultimately find solutions. This week, the class will be traveling to the Eagle Creek Ornithology Center in an effort to learn a little more about the types of birds in our area. By being able to identify the types of birds which possess certain migration patterns, we will be able to come up with effective solutions and aid to these birds and start to spread the results of our findings to the business throughout Indianapolis.



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