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It’s been two weeks since my last post and we are starting to get more into our project.  We are looking now into specific case studies from different similar projects across North America.  For example, we are researching other successful programs such as Lights Out New York, Lights Out San Francisco, Lights our Toronto, and similar programs in Cleveland, Going Green, and one bridge design in the Carolinas.  The idea is to learn some of the successful and not so successful parts of their attempts to make our campaign as effective as possible.

These are preliminary steps into our project.  We ultimately plan to research specific approaches to make Lights Out Indy most effective, for example business and marketing approach, design, as well as the scientific approach.  I am anxious to get into the project more because I am fairly certain that none of us students have done anything like this before.  I know all of us believe in the Lights Out initiative, I just hope that we are able to make significant advances to make a difference in only a semester’s time.  Having said that I think we are making the right steps to making this as successful as possible by taking the best parts out of similar initiatives from other cities.  I am currently in contact with the director of the Cleveland initiative to get tips from their project.

Next week we are going to a local park to learn about specific birds and tracking them.  We are trying to become more familiar with birds and other attempts to conserve them.


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