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Dead Birds Can’t Tweet

I have a family friend who is participating in the Semester at Sea program. Today his Twitter said, “College students have energy, humor, passion, and insight that make them really fun companions for a jaunt around the world.” It made me think about what college students are good for. We are the ones who are starting clubs, heading fundraisers and events, constantly conducting research, and living the dream at the same time. Our lifestyles are very active, being out and about daily. With that in mind, I think our Environmental Practicum group can provide Lights Out Indy with a fresh, fun way of making their initiative more appealing. Sure, we’re not sustainability experts, but the ideas have been very simple so far. Turning off the lights will save energy, money, and the lives of birds. I’m learning that this straightforward mission is not only in Indy– many locations such as Toronto and New York have the same problems and have been able to spread the awareness of it by promoting bird-safe buildings. If we, as students of this city, can get the buildings at Butler that Ashlee mentioned to participate in such a cause, then downtown Indianapolis buildings may see what positive results come of this and follow our lead.

To get us familiar with non-profit organizations, we are going to be doing case studies on organizations similar to Lights Out Indy. I have never done a case study, so being my first one I believe I will get a lot out of researching the group Lights Out San Francisco and learning about what projects they have been a part of. Perhaps some great ideas will come out of these case studies that will help us assist Lights Out Indy. So far, one of the things I have learned about Lights Out San Francisco is that they are supported by Google. They turned their homepage black for a day to promote the Lights Out movement. I think that being supported by a company that people use on a daily basis is a huge accomplishment.

Here is a channel 13 news story about Lights Out Indy that aired a little less than a year ago. It shocked me that there have only been 47 views over a years time, when there are more than a handful of pointless YouTube videos that have over 8 million views. My goal is to get the Lights Out Indy video up to 100 views by Friday, so let’s do it! If you have a Twitter, tweet it! (Bird pun intended)


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