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Summer Ends

With summer ending and fall coming around the corner that means one thing. Migration, birds will start to migrate for the winter season.  As the birds are migrating, building lights at night create the potential danger or death to the bird.  Migration is essential for some species of birds due to weather, food availability, and habitats.  With this common knowledge, we can prevent the deaths of these migrating birds by helping Lights out Indy.  I believe we will be a big help by advertising and spreading the word on the concept of Lights Out Indy.  If the community becomes more informed then this might lead to more participants in the process of helping reduce bird deaths and saving energy.  Last year the four participants for this project did not have any restrictions except to try their best effort.  To become a more successful project, I think we need to have quantitative data to show energy use and energy saved.  If the business’s can see the results I believe they will limit their light source, which in turn will reduce bird deaths.  We will have a big impact on spreading the word of Lights Out Indy to the public and hopefully help these migrating birds.



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