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Time to Make a Difference

Another year has begun and my excitement has been on the rise ever since I learned more and more about this class and our set of goals. Over the summer I was fortunate enough to work most of the time outdoors. Watching nature is always beautiful and enjoyable and when I learned that I had the potential to make a difference locally and regionally I could not pass up the opportunity. I have always found birds fascinating creatures so when I heard that our Environmental Practicum class would be teaming up with Lights Out Indy program, it just made the class better. In addition I am quite curious to figure out the reasons and form solutions to why so many birds run in to various windows and why there seemed to be certain hot spots for these tragic events. Our mission of the semester is to promote the awareness of this issue and to prevent bird deaths while saving energy by reducing nighttime lighting especially in these hotspots. The excess and mostly indirect lighting attracts many birds to these urban areas. Plus some of the buildings are so tall that they are directly in these migratory path of the birds. It is now the job of my fellow classmates and I to think of possible solutions and spreading the awareness to the businesses of and buildings of Indianapolis. With everyone working together I am sure we can make a huge impression and greatly decrease these bird-deasth incidences. I am looking forward to the rest of the semester and the great difference we can make!



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