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Bird Deaths Aren’t Sexy

The “Lights Out Indy” initiative is one that appeals to the environmentalists of the world more powerfully than the typical average joe. We can safely admit that the idea of measuring bird deaths isn’t the sexiest world-changing project out there. I will be first to admit, upon hearing of this initiative for the first time…it was relatively unattractive. What I’ve quickly come to realize is that the beauty of the “Lights Out Indy” initiative lay beyond surface value. Within the scope of the research behind this initiative is the potential to revolutionize the way the corporate modernization affects nature. Learning about some of the questions this research seeks to answer and some of the solutions being proposed opened my eyes to the appeal of this research. With that said, I support the “Lights Out Indy” initiative. In my eyes, if an acceptable solution that prevents bird deaths due to window striking is found, then the initiative as a whole will have succeeded to benefit both modern architecture and nature in one effort. What’s more is that I believe that very solution is in reach. There’s no way to predict how much work it’ll take to get to it – but I think it’s possible.



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  1. Yeah, it’s cool and all; but what do you like about it? Why do you think it will work and what do you envision the solution being?

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