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Coming to Terms with Birds

The summer is over and it is time to go back to class. I spent a lot of my summer outside with my job at the Friesner Herbarium because it involved nature walks and prairie expeditions. It gave me an opportunity to observe the outdoors differently than I normally do. Every part of nature is special (except for that pesky Garlic Mustard and Honeysuckle!), and I was excited to hear that the Environmental Practicum class would be focusing its efforts on the Lights Out Indy campaign, which is concerned with the birds in Indianapolis that are striking windows. It may seem that these birds have little to do with us, but it is obvious to me that while I find birds to be strange little animals, I would rather see a living one than a dead one. This class may also help me with my fear of touching birds as well, because I have always been freaked out by feathers and cautious at claws. In the big picture, Lights Out Indy is not only helping birds, it is also about conserving energy because lights play a large part in why birds may strike windows. Since it is our job this semester to market these ideas and work with companies in Indianapolis, I believe I am going to gain a lot of real-world skills from this class.

What also got me excited about the new school year is all the blogging I am going to be doing. In addition to the Environmental Practicum blog, I am participating in a weekly blog for my AN 204 class, Apes On Film. It will become more apparent as more of us post, but the blogosphere is growing and I am learning a lot already about what it means to be a good blogger.



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  1. Excellent perspective…you can count on my business to participate in your Lights Out Indy effort.

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