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Bird Strike Initiative

From my summer internship working with different projects at the center to new classes for my senior year I am beginning to learn new ideas and participate in different projects. Fortunately, for the Environmental Practicum class, I will be working with a familiar friend–birds of  Indiana. This summer I was able to monitor blue bird boxes down at the intramural fields at Butler and recorded information including nest identity, parent activity, # of eggs and offspring, as well as having the opportunity to band a blue bird fledgling. It was an interesting experience to see the proliferation patterns of certain species. But how does my summer experience relate?  What am I going to learn from this experience and how can I promote this to the general public as well the Butler community?

Lights out Indy is an initiative program that promotes sustainable practices amongst office buildings in the downtown area of Indianapolis. Under its website, it states that “The United States Fish and Wildlife Service estimates over 100 million or more birds die each year due to building collisions [because] of glass and excessive nighttime lighting”. This is a definite problem and will continue to increase in the next few months due to the migration period that will be in full swing. I’m excited to be working with this organization not only to decrease the amount of bird collision, but also learn techniques on how to clearly explain to the general public about scientific issues. Being my senior year I am going to have to understand how to take what I have learned and apply it to educate the public on standing issues within the biological realm. I believe that working with stake holders to collaborate better efforts on this certain issue will ultimately teach me how to work with others. Also I am very excited to be working with a couple of different programs such as the new ipads that we will be getting for 5 weeks! Who doesn’t want an ipad? With the technology that we have and the resources, we will be able to devise better options for business buildings to help lower collisions as well as save money!



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